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It was good to be cast and doing some work in a Theatre with a company for three whole fun filled days. A co production with the BBC and Chelmsford Theatres - with a live streamed and radio performance of The Power Behind the Microphone by PP Eckersley with Anna Steiger as Dame Nellie Melba; 100 years to the hour when the most famous opera singer in the world, arrived at The Marconi New Street Works on 15th June 1920 and lent her star power and ethereal voice to a live radio and entertainment broadcast at exactly 7.10 pm. We were becoming a little part of history. It was a completely new way of working originally planned as a stage play but because of restrictions morphed into this new form. Here some of us are below, in our socially distanced rehearsal. It was a few days that gave me hope for our future of live theatre, as well as lots of fun being in the albeit socially distanced midst of my fellow actors. Directed by David Streames. Photo Lily Streames.

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