Shakespeare, sir peter and emerging..

Been having a lovely time sharing the wonderful teachings of Sir Peter Hall that I remember from so many times in a rehearsal room with him. Today working with a student on Katherine from Taming of The Shrew. The delight we had in looking at the form today made us run over by an hour. Zoom is beginning to wear us all a bit thin... so maybe we shall have some al fresco sessions soon if the weather keeps nice and if we are local to each other. Prices may need to alter slightly if I am travelling to you but I will endeavour to keep prices low as we still are not out of the woods. But the study is continuing and have been having wonderful sessions with students - thank you for finding me and booking in. In between all this I have been auditioning via self tape; filming a commercial; performing Shakespeare online; and reaching the final stages in post prodcution on my film Mercy. Busy busy. I wonder what next week will bring for us all. Maybe we will brave the hairdresser! Who knows. Fingers crossed. Stay well. <3

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