As Sunday's go at the best of times this was a good one. At the worst of times.. this was a good one. Day two of a three day job. To be employed as an actor at any time is great; at this time is somewhat of a miracle. To be once again amidst comrades.. albeit at a social distance..but together in a rehearsal room and then teching on hang out in the stalls and chit chat... to lunch and tea break together... to commune... to act together.. to laugh together lots and lots.. to revel in each others talents.. to be COMPANY once again in a new but competely familiar way was the most wonderful thing and gave me a renewed sense of hope. How fortunate all of us were today... to be together working on a play of a radio play - a genre within a genre celebrating the birth of radio. Where would we be without our stories, without our story tellers? How can we save our theatres and the arts? What can we do?

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