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I have been  acting for 43 years. I call it my job. I always wanted to be an Actor ever since I can remember as a small girl. My big brother made me a stage underneath our weeping willow tree, the first boards I ever trod, and he would be my first audience along with my other brother, mum, dad  and the garden creatures.

I have been lucky to spend all of my life so far, in this business  called show, working with some incredible people in some wonderful places, in films, theatre and television. 

During this restricted time for us all -  I thought I would offer some coaching,  coming from my experiences as an Actor. Along the way I have picked up a 

Btec Level 3 Diploma in Teaching - specialising in Acting - so it would seem a shame not to use it - and in this hopefully short enforced hiatus from Acting - I have time. 

I love acting and would be more than happy to help you in any way I can. No prior experience necessary.


Niche areas: 

*Secondary level and FE students;

Monologue; Auditions;

Confidence Building 




'Whatever you can do or dream you can - begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it'. Goethe.

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"Wendy is one of the most inspirational teachers I've ever had. She not only gives you the tools and knowledge you need as an actor to be able to tackle the text securely and thoroughly but she fills you with so much joy for the work that the energy is totally infectious. I have always felt safe to push creative boundaries and really go there in Wendy's presence and for me that is invaluable"

Lily Streames

"Wendy is a magical human, I couldn't recommend her enough. She really puts you at ease with her kind and easygoing nature and gently guides you through any piece of text you may be struggling with or will joyfully and enthusiastically engage and discover the details with you, creating depth and peeling back layers. She has a well of knowledge to share and I learned a lot from her coaching. Whether you want to develop a character or dissect a piece of text, Wendy will come to the rescue with her expertise!"

Lydia Bradford

"I have had the pleasure of working with Wendy both 1:1 and within a group. Her warmth and kindness immediately puts you at ease allowing you to explore text in a totally comfortable setting, free of judgement or embarrassment. Wendy's deep understanding of Shakespeare is totally transformative, opening up the language so that it becomes accessible. She has provided me with the tools necessary to take the text in a way that breathes life into it, creating an unbreakable connection to it. Wendy's supreme talent, humility and the love and passion she holds is hugely inspiring and joyous to be around. Thank you Wendy. xxX" Hannah Dunlop

"Wendy worked closely with my son on an audition piece for 6th form college. Wendy was extremely knowledgeable about the Shakesperean monologue required and offered an interesting interpretation as well as giving sound advice about different acting styles, methods and techniques. She helped him immensely with controlling the piece and projecting his voice and ensuring that the sessions were fun as well as informative.

He was successful with the audition and I strongly believe Wendy gave him the skills and confidence required. I would highly recommend her as someone incredibly easy to work with whilst maintaining her professionalism and an incredible subject knowledge, particularly at a practical level."

W. Soloman.

"Wendy was a great coach, full of charisma, enthusiasm and knowledge. She has a true passion for the art and wanted to help me learn and develop my Shakespeare understanding and performance"

Sam - aged 15

   BTEC Level 3 Teaching Diploma

          Current DBS Certificate 


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